Is a Prostate Massager Good for Your Health?

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Prostate play is part of the new frontier of men expanding their sexual horizons, except that it isn’t new. What is new is the broader acceptance it’s receiving essentially among straight men age 45 and over. They account for 62% of new prostate massager sales and a 56% increase in prostate massager sales overall. So while some groups of men have long known the delights of stimulating the prostate, it’s a whole new thing for other groups.

For some of these newfound advocates, the sexual aspect may be secondary. Prostate massagers can provide a variety of therapeutic remedies for several kinds of ailments. Older men especially start running into prostate difficulties around age 50. While prostate cancer is the leading cancer among men besides skin cancer, several other lesser disorders can be troublesome.

Quick Prostate Massage Tips for Newbies

Before we dive into the health benefits of prostate massagers, here are some tips that can ease you into it if you’re new.

  1. Disinfect

If using a prostate massager or other device, ensure it’s cleaned and disinfected with antibacterial soap before and after play.

  1. Prepare Your Location

And by “location,” we mean where you intend to perform the prostate massage. There will be a lot of lube involved, so putting down towels is a good idea. Plus, you can never be entirely sure what will happen down there once things get underway, so making cleanup easy is smart.

  1. Urinate

Because the prostate sits directly under your bladder, prostate stimulation can make it feel like you need to urinate. Take the guesswork out by ensuring you’ve emptied your bladder beforehand. If you’re stressing out about it, your prostate massage won’t go as well as it could.

  1. Clean Up

Your preferences may vary, but some prostate enthusiasts prefer to use an enema or anal douche beforehand. In general, your rectum is surprisingly feces-free most of the time, so it probably doesn’t need as thorough a washout as you think.

  1. Relax

Especially if you’re new to it, relaxing before a prostate massage can take some effort. If you aren’t relaxed, you will probably not have a good experience. You know what works best for you, whether it’s a hot shower or breathing exercises.

  1. Lube

Whether you’re massaging externally or internally, lube is a must. If you’re using a prostate massager, ensure your lube is water-based. You can use silicon instead if you’re using fingers or a stainless steel toy.

  1. Go Slow

If you’re just getting the hang of it, you can start firmly massaging your perineum (aka taint) instead of jumping straight to penetration. If that’s working for you, penetration may be your next step. Go slow, relax, and take your time. It might take a little getting used to if you’re new to it, but it shouldn’t be painful.

Prostate Massagers and Your Health

Aside from the significant enhancement that can occur sexually, prostate massagers can offer other health benefits.

  1. Erectile Dysfunction

More common than most men would care to admit, erectile dysfunction is no longer spoken of in embarrassed whispers. Your prostate engorges when you’re aroused, and that rush of blood can help perk up a lagging erection. A prostate massager can hit that spot and get things happening.

  1. Painful Ejaculation

Many moving parts are involved in your ejaculation, which means lots of things can go wrong. A prostate massager can help reduce inflammation and unblock ducts, but a doctor can tell you if there’s an infection at play.

  1. Weak Urine Stream

Your urethra passes through the middle of your prostate. If you’re experiencing swelling or inflammation of your prostate, you might experience difficulty emptying your bladder. A prostate massager can help with the swelling and improve your stream, but be sure to visit your doctor, too.

  1. Prostatitis

Prostatitis has several symptoms that resemble other prostate conditions. Difficulty urinating and painful ejaculation are typical symptoms, plus burning during urination and an unpleasant feeling in your perineum. In addition, prostatitis is a bacterial infection, so while a prostate massager might help with some of the inflammation, see a doctor for antibiotics.

  1. Enlarged Prostate

If you’re a man over 50, odds are you will deal with an enlarged prostate at some point. Symptoms include the ever-popular difficulty urinating, plus painful urination and needing to urinate much more frequently. Prostate massage may help with the swelling and get your urine moving again. You’ll want to visit your doctor for a longer-term solution, however.

Whether looking for improved orgasms or prostate relief, owning a prostate massager may be one of the best decisions you’ll make for yourself.

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