How To Determine Nootropic Stack? Read This

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Nootropics help improve mental health, but you can improve them by using nootropic stacking. It’s a concept that involves combining multiple nootropics to improve their benefits exponentially.

While readymade nootropic stacks are available in the market, you can make your own. Depending on your goals and needs, it’ll allow you to design a unique stack.

It’s important to know what makes a good nootropic stack. It’ll help you ensure that you design something that increases the effectiveness of all the nootropics used. That’s why we have developed this guide to help you determine a nootropic stack.

How To Determine Nootropic Stack?

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Experimentation is the best way to determine its effectiveness if you’re planning to use a readymade nootropic stack. However, if you’re planning to make your stack, you’ll need to understand antagonism and synergy concepts. They’ll allow you to determine a good stack from a bad one.

As mentioned, a nootropic stack is a combination of multiple nootropic substances. But combining the two substances doesn’t necessarily mean that the stack will provide you with the desired outcome.

A fair amount of experimenting and knowledge will be needed to use a good design and combine those substances that work well to create an effective stack. This is where the concepts of antagonism and synergy come into play.

What is Antagonism in Terms of Nootropic Stack?

Antagonism, in terms of the nootropic stack, is a combination of two or more nootropics that don’t work well with each other or are antagonistic together. A poor stacking design decreases the overall effectiveness of all the substances used.

In simple words, in antagonism, all the nootropic substances cancel each other out, voiding the effects. The following example will help you understand the concept of antagonism easily.

Effect of substance A = 1

Effect of substance B = 1

Total effect when taken separately = 1 + 1 = 2

Nootropic Stack with antagonism

The combined effect of A and B = 0

What is Synergy in Terms of Nootropic Stack?

Synergy is a good nootropic stacking design in which two or more nootropic substances generate compounding effects. They work well together and increase the effectiveness of each other exponentially.

It’s important to note that the positive effects of nootropics in the form of a stack are far stronger than what you get by taking them separately. Here’s an easy example that will help you understand the concept of synergy.

Effect of substance A = 1

Effect of substance B = 1

Total effect when taken separately = 1 + 1 = 2

Nootropic Stack with synergy

The combined effect of A and B = 10

An excellent example of synergy is the combination of caffeine with l-theanine. Caffeine is one of the most common ingredients used in nootropic stacks.

The caffeine and l-theanine pair generate a synergistic effect in a nootropic stack and can improve your mental focus, enhance productivity, help with weight loss, reduce blood pressure, and increase cognitive performance.

Other Good Stacking Strategies


While synergy is the best nootropic stacking strategy, other pathways can also improve the overall effect of nootropics. The following are the two effective strategies that you can use.


Multiplication is a stacking strategy in which you combine two or more nootropics to achieve the same bio-benefits. For example, if you want to boost your motivation, you can combine multiple, diverse substances that replenish and enhance your dopamine receptors.

This way, the combination of all the substances fused into a stack will generate a more comprehensive and greater outcome as compared to the effect of taking them separately.


It’s essential to find and pair nootropics that can generate complementary bio-effects if you want a complete, well-rounded experience.

The complementary nootropic pairs sustain their cognitive benefits and polish off the rough edges of one another. Most ready-made nootropic stacks are designed and formulated using the complementary strategy.

Important Note: Using correct ratios to mix different nootropic substances to create a stack is critically essential. Otherwise, an overpowering ingredient will nullify the effects of others. It means that even if you choose nootropics that work well together, they won’t provide the desired results if you use improper ratios.

Other Considerations

A good nootropic stack combines nootropics designed using the synergy, multiplication, or complementation strategy. So, does it mean that a good stack will always generate the desired outcome? Generally, yes, but the answer to this question requires some explanation.

Keep in mind that not all of us share exactly the same brain chemistry as well as cognitive goals. A nootropic stack that significantly improves one person’s cognition might not do anything for you. Or it may bring some changes but not the ones that you seek.

Different types of readymade nootropic stacks are available in the market and are designed to offer a particular cognitive outcome. Some expected outcomes include neuroprotection, stress, energy, attention, focus, and memory.

The formulation of readymade stacks allows them to universally offer these benefits to all users. Most users do experience these benefits, but the degree to which they’re noticed or perceived can vary from person to person.

Final Words

If you use the right strategy and ratios, a nootropic stack can enhance the effects of multiple substances combined. It can also negate some of the side effects of specific substances and maximize the health benefits.

But to design a good nootropic stack, you must understand what makes a good stack and how to determine a good one from a bad one.

Lastly, if you’re planning to use a universal ready-made nootropic stack, you’ll need to determine whether it’s the right option for you through experimentation.

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