Does Thesis Nootropics Work?

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Nootropics, also called smart drugs, are brain-boosting agents that help people perform high under pressure and stress. 

Whether a college student looking for a quick way to boost brain power or a stress-induced professional working in a busy environment, the idea of popping a pill to get your tasks done efficiently might seem like a good bargain. If you are looking for a reputed brand committed to providing supplements targeting brain health, Thesis nootropics is a good choice! 

Thesis Nootropics: At A Glance 

If you’ve been living under the roof or are looking for trust-worthy nootropics supplements, Thesis nootropics are the one-stop solution for your brain-related needs. Founded in 2017 by Dan Freed and Adam Greenfeld, Thesis has created a range of nootropics that target your specific needs and optimizes results according to your unique brain chemistry. 

Thesis Nootropics: At A Glance 

Thesis, as a brand, believes in targeting personalized cognitive, emotional, and wellness goals. An extensive lineup geared towards not only short-term benefits for daily life but also developing positive habits for long-term results. Thesis sources all its high-quality ingredients from renowned establishments in the US that meet all the FDA requirements.

Although nootropic supplements need not be FDA-approved before marketing, Thesis ensures that all their supplements adhere to FDA guidelines and undergo numerous clinical trials. 

How Thesis Nootropics Work

With so many brands to choose from in the supplement market, Thesis stands out among competitors because of its unique approach. Since Thesis believes that not one size fits all, it created customized formulations that target different brain chemistry and goals. With a hassle-free and simple interface, Thesis relentlessly puts the needs of its customers before everything. Here’s how Thesis operates: 

  1. Firstly, you’ll need to take a personalized quiz on the Thesis website that covers all essential aspects like biological patterns, cognitive goals, daily routines, and medical problems. 
  2. After answering the basic questions, you’ll be directed to a Starter Kit that contains a combination of four customizable blends. 
  3. You can proceed to the checkout page and purchase your first nootropic box for $120 or $79 if you subscribe to the monthly plan. 
  4. Once you receive your box, you can track your results in a free journal and optimize your blends for the next purchase. 

Thesis currently provides six nootropic blends that target specific needs. These thoroughly designed formulas contain authentic ingredients that maximize your output by giving you the chance to optimize your purchase. Now that we’re familiar with the general mechanisms, let’s look at its ingredients below. 

Thesis Nootropics Ingredients 

With an extensive preface that thoroughly explores all of its ingredients, Thesis is committed to transparency. Many brands use marketing tactics or hidden ingredients that can inadvertently jeopardize the nervous system.  

Thesis Nootropics Ingredients 

Since Thesis provides multiple nootropic formulas that cater to an individual’s specific needs; they are honest about the quality of their ingredients and how they are tested for purity and safety. Some of the most common ingredients in their formulations are listed below. 

Ingredient Function 
Alpha GPCSupplies the brain with a usable choline source which facilitates learning and memory. 
Choline Studies have shown that choline tends to have anti-inflammatory effects. 
Ashwagandha This root regulates stress levels and improves memory and concentration 
Ginseng, The active components of Ginseng enhance learning and memory formation 
DHH-BSeveral studies have shown that this ingredient has anxiolytic effects, which help combat anxiety. 
Lion’s Mane These are derived from mushrooms that boost cognitive function 
Zembrin This compound improves stress response and enhances mood 
SaffronA primary neurotransmitter that helps in mood regulation 
Dynamine This ingredient supports alertness and increases energy levels. 

In addition to the most sophisticated approach, Thesis is so confident about its unique blends that they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if their nootropics fail to work for you.

Will Thesis Nootropics Work For You? 

With a personalized lineup that systematically combines different combinations and dosages, Thesis is perfectly curated for people who don’t have the time to waste. At the same time, their products provide the best quality results over some time. They are currently providing four blends for their Starter Kit from a varied list of six formulations: 

  • Energy: This formula is designed to improve energy levels and fight fatigue 
  • Clarity: These pills increase focus and attention span and reduce procrastination. 
  • Motivation: It Boosts your willpower to complete numerous tasks 
  • Confidence: This contains ingredients that target stress and anxiety while fostering a sense of self-assurance. 
  • Logic:  It contains ingredients that enhance processing speed and boosts memory. 
  • Creativity: This formula sparks your creative juices and increases productivity. 

According to customer reviews on the brand’s website and other discussion pages, the general verdict is positive. The brand earns a rating of 4.5/5 stars from over 7,411 ratings. This confirms that the brand’s claims resonate with customers and show promising results. Since numerous clinical trials back the brand, it’s safe to say that if you’re looking to invest in a reliable and safe nootropics brand: Thesis is the way to go. 

Is Thesis Nootropics Worth It? 

Thesis offers a wide range of customizable options with authentic and potent ingredients. Although their formulations might seem expensive, the overall result of the nootropics makes the price justifiable. 

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According to 86% of customers, Thesis nootropics have shown improvements in a wide range of cognitive functions along with managing stress and energy levels. Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of choosing Thesis. 


  1. A customizable interface systematically helps you choose the right ingredients for you
  2. It allows you to choose from different blends to target your specific needs 
  3. Thesis provides ingredients transparency along with recommended dosages 
  4. Their ingredients are third-party tested and align with the FDA guidelines. 
  5. They also provide a free coaching service that educates you about the potency of each ingredient. 


  1. Thesis Nootropics are more expensive than other brands in the market 
  2. Thesis does not provide a free trial. It entails a long and complex process to understand the right ingredients for you properly. 

Final Verdict

Thesis nootropics are one of the most effective and reliable brands that match your unique needs. With innovative combinations and a hassle-free buying experience, Thesis is one of the best brands to enhance your cognitive function without serious side effects. 

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